Superb Design.

Carefully sanded.

At the heart of every Hiller project stands personal accountability. In personal commitment to the task at hand, aircraft furniture of beauty and functionality emerges. In the skilled hands of a master craftsman, a cabinet or a door of elegant utility takes shape. And that door, that cabinet, that table takes flight bearing the imprint of individual craftspeople, whose signature has for more than 40 years meant a job very, very well done.


Grand Abstractions.

Applied hour to hour.

They’re expectable enough, these principles which guide our work every business day. Imagination. Integrity. Quality and service, of course. In our pursuit of those principles, we blend the long-proven and the experimental, computerized design set next to Old World notions of workmanship.

We are pursuing the AS9100 Quality System designation and, naturally, we’ve won the approval of OEMs throughout the industry. We understand your requirements. And we remind ourselves a dozen times a day of the degree to which our success is tied to yours.

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Digital Accuracy.

Human ingenuity.

At Hiller, Inc., technology wears a human face. We use NC milling machines, of course. We operate an FAR 25-853 certified burn laboratory. Computerized speed and accuracy guide every aspect of our work. But our standards of performance are purely intuitive. Our technological capacity will accelerate and enhance our productivity. We will decide, however, in purely personal terms when aircraft furniture is good enough to bear the name “Hiller.”