Impossible self-imposed standards…


The people of Hiller, Inc. are independent thinkers with well-developed senses of responsibility. We’re curious types with new ideas about digital technology supporting Old World workmanship, folks for whom collective performance cannot be separated from individual commitment.

This is no industry for rookies. Yours is not a business built around learning on the job. And so we’re proud to say that Hiller is anything but young: the average age of our staff, front office and shop floor alike, slips toward 50. And we couldn’t be happier about the advantages our years give us in the service of clients.

Come to Hiller. Because aircraft furniture is a deeply personal matter. Because we learned our lessons a long time ago.

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Summary of employee benefits

Looking for people with impossible self-imposed standards

Health and dental insurance

The company provides health coverage through a PPO plan sponsored by the Principal Financial Group. Hiller, Inc. pays 50% of the individual or family premium for new employees. The company rewards employee loyalty by increasing the percentage contributed each year. Employees with over 4 years’ seniority are only responsible for approximately 15% of their total premium.

Dental coverage is provided through a traditional fee-for-service plan sponsored by Delta Dental Plan of Kansas. The company pays 50% of the employee-only premium for new employees. After 5 years, the percentage increases to 90%. The premium for additional family members is the responsibility of the employee.

Retirement plan

Hiller, Inc. maintains a money purchase pension plan. The company contributes 7% of each employee’s annual compensation into accounts maintained for the participants.


Office Employees: 2 weeks after 1 year, 3 weeks after 10 years.

Shop Employees: 1 week after one year, 2 weeks after 5 years, 3 weeks after 10 years.


The company pays for the six traditional holidays each year.